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Compassion and understanding

Abbigail had lost her job. She was struggling to meet her family’s basic needs while managing her own mental health. That’s where her “guardian angel” came in: her Cityblock Community Health Partner.

We don’t expect you to trust us

We expect to earn it. When you join Cityblock, you get a unique care plan that’s built around your needs. The following stories are all true, with names and images changed for the individuals’ privacy.

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We provide compassionate care that’s built around you

After a death in the family, Gina fell into depression. She faced a series of health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and a psychological condition. When her primary care physician retired, she was lost. She didn’t know what to do or who to call.

Then Cityblock stepped in. We filled the role of her primary care, connecting her to doctors and medicine, while making her feel more confident about her health.

These days, Gina feels independent again. She’s empowered to make her own choices, with Cityblock by her side the entire time. 

“I feel stronger now. I feel more independent. I don't feel scared, you know. I feel safe. I feel like I'm worth something.”

Gina, Cityblock Member

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We learn your story

George had serious behavioral health needs, but wasn’t comfortable seeking treatment. When his Cityblock Community Health Partner, Lakima, first reached out to him, George hung up. But she kept calling, consistently, without judging or rushing him. 

George was touched that Lakima didn't give up on him. He felt that he was being listened to and respected, and in return, he opened up to Lakima about his life and agreed to seek treatment. 

“I’m not the average mental health guy. I’ve got a lot of things … covered up.”

—George, Cityblock Member

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We fill gaps in your care

Even when you keep up with your healthcare, it can be a lot to swallow. When we met Manny he was educated about his healthcare, but it was too much to handle all by himself. 

Now he uses Cityblock to manage his appointments, to arrange transportation* to medical facilities, and to figure out which medication is right for him. By taking work off your plate, we free you up to focus on other things.  

“She makes it accessible for me to be able to get in touch with most of these doctors that you don’t be able to get in touch with … or with transportation*, or with the medication. She’s very helpful.”

Manny, Cityblock Member

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Your goals become our goals

Luisa was scared. Over the past few years, she’d faced a series of challenges, including the onset of menopause, physical therapy for a herniated disc, and teaching during COVID, all while caring for a disabled brother and aging mother.

She preferred natural remedies to treat her history of seizures, due to their lack of side effects, but her doctor wasn’t supportive.

Cityblock honored Luisa’s wishes for her care. We connected her with a therapist to talk about menopause and helped her find a doctor who was familiar with natural treatments for seizures.

Now Luisa has less anxiety, is sleeping better, and feeling like herself again. Most importantly, she’s being the best grandma she can be.  

“I want to be the best that I can be to have that energy to enjoy a day at the park with my grandkids. By seeing a therapist and taking natural things to help me deal with my medical issue, it’s made a big difference.”

Luisa, Cityblock Member

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We treat you with compassion

It took a while for Deonna to open up to her Community Health Partner, Trish. But one day Trish asked, “What’s one thing I can do for you right now?” Trish scheduled Deonna a booster shot on the spot, and a car service* to get there – two things Deonna hadn’t thought to ask for.

This opened the door to talking about her housing needs and health history. 

When a Cityblock specialist shows up at your door, sometimes we just listen. Other times we help you make an appointment, call a car service*, or get groceries. Whatever your needs are, we work together to meet them – and make a difference. 

“Wait … I have a whole team behind me? And I’m like, yeah! You’re the VIP of your health.”

Deonna, Cityblock Member

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See the difference Cityblock can make in your life

If you want to learn more about Cityblock, we’re happy to chat. Call 833-904-2273 (TTY: 711), Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm ET.

*The non-clinical services referenced in this testimonial are provided via coordination of existing health plan benefits and community resources.

*There is no change to your health plan benefits when you join Cityblock Health. But there’s a big change to the services you’re able to access and the confidence you have in making the most of your healthcare.

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