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Our care teams don’t just see patients—they build relationships. If you’re looking for a clinical career where you can meet people where they are, look them in the eye, and treat each one like they matter, welcome. We can’t wait to meet you.

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We believe healthcare is a basic human right

We are a value-based healthcare company that’s focused on the Medicaid and dually eligible population. This gives our providers the chance to care for those with the most complex needs, and often with the least resources, in the way they deserve to be treated—with respect, compassion, dignity, and time.

When we say we provide compassionate care, we mean it

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Powered by technology

Our proprietary tech platform is an integral part of our mission. We support our care teams with technology that was created to be easier to use, more helpful, and integrate seamlessly into the care we provide to our members. 

Fueled by teamwork

Our integrated care teams comprise medical providers, behavioral health specialists, non-clinical navigators, nurses, social workers, dieticians, pharmacists, and more. Together, they work on care planning and collaborate on diagnoses and treatments, to make sure our members receive radically better care.

Flexibility is key

Most practices see treatment as black and white—after an assessment, providers plan treatments, and the patient is expected to follow. With us, our care teams, of which doctors are a key part, adjust a member’s treatment and plan based on their health, as well as other aspects of their life that may affect it. This includes behavioral health and social care needs.

Care not restricted to a clinic

The ability to do home and video visits allows us to meet our members where they are. Our 24/7 phone care line takes care of their off-hours concerns. Meanwhile, our clinical teams are supported by our mobile teams. Together, they provide in-home urgent care services, and work with the member’s current doctors  to ensure consistency of care.

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Equity in everything we do

To shape the future of health care, we believe that change starts from within. We therefore, not just call for diversity—we insist on it. We value inclusion, respect each other’s differences, thrive on creativity and collaboration. And we will always, always, fight for equality.

Empathy is our superpower

We are proud to be on this journey, not just with people with the brightest minds, but also the biggest hearts. 

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If empathy is your superpower, we’d love to meet you. Explore open job opportunities for doctors, nurses, therapists, medical assistants, and other clinical roles.

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