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And Cityblock is here to help providers do just that. We’re an extra set of hands, listening ears, and licensed staff to support you in serving your patients. Call to learn more at 833 – 904 – 2273 (TTY: 711).

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What makes Cityblock unique?

Our value-based care model meets patients where they are. We adjust their “dose” of Cityblock to complement the care they’re already getting from trusted providers.

What makes Cityblock unique?

Our value-based care model meets patients where they are. We adjust their “dose” of Cityblock to complement the care they’re already getting from trusted providers.

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Founded by a Medicaid physician

Dr. Toyin Ajayi, our CEO and co-founder, has spent her whole career serving Medicaid patients. She knows firsthand the way our current healthcare system fails both patients and providers. 

As Toyin told Joshua Liao on the Health Equity Conversations podcast:

“Everyone has one of those patients … the person who, when you come into the clinic for the morning, one of two things will happen. Either they will not show up to their appointment and you’ll spend the rest of the afternoon wondering, are they okay? Are they in the ER and I just don’t know it yet? Are they ever going to come back to me?

Or they will come to the appointment, and you will be either late for the rest of your visits because you’ll spend so much time working through all the things that matter to them. Or you’ll rush through your time and be nagged by the guilt that you didn’t even scratch the surface.

You’re almost set up to fail for that person.” —Dr. Toyin Ajayi

Value-based care supports our most vulnerable patients

Our healthcare system is expensive and fragmented for patients. Cityblock steps in to fill in the gaps.

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Enhancing care, not replacing care

Cityblock’s exact services vary by market. But in every market, and for every patient, we’re committed to working hand in hand with their existing providers and care managers. We don’t replace existing healthcare–we enhance it. 

Coordinating with providers, Cityblock fills gaps in care and ensures patients are getting the best health services possible. 

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Meeting patients where they are

Patients face numerous pain points in the fee-for-service model. 

  • They pay for healthcare service by service
  • They’re expected to coordinate their own preventive, specialist, and follow-up care

Patients whose basic needs aren’t being met are expected to navigate our healthcare system while they lack things like food, shelter, and employment. They’re at a huge disadvantage–and so are their doctors.

How does Cityblock help?

  • When members start their Cityblock services, they keep the benefits of their health plan and network
  • • They add a dedicated Cityblock care team to help them meet health goals, both daily and long term
  • • This care team provides the tailored and high-touch care that vulnerable patients need

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How Cityblock’s model supports providers

Cityblock's value-based care model helps your team care for your patients. If your patient faces barriers to your care, we can:

  • Help them engage with your team.
  • Provide care coordination to support patients with following through on their care plans.

Cityblock creates a value-based framework by taking on the total cost of care for our members. 

We’re a benefit for members from their health plan, not paid per service, but for the overall health of our patient population. We can fill in gaps and support you with services not typically reimbursed in the traditional system.*

Cityblock’s value-based care vs. traditional fee-for-service 

Benefit for patients
Cityblock members
Fee-for-service patients

Fewer missed appointments and higher patient engagement

We remove barriers that keep patients from getting to appointments.

Better medication adherence

Our care teams help patients reorder prescriptions and stay on schedule with their medications.

A process that prioritizes patients’ social determinants of health

Cityblock focuses on patients’ social needs just as much as their clinical ones. 

Follow-up and follow-through

 We engage members around their treatment plans as often as needed.

Clinical services beyond the traditional office setting

We meet members where they are–from care in the home to after-hours services.

How providers can work with Cityblock

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Check patients’ eligibility

Patients are attributed to Cityblock by their insurer. To help a patient check their eligibility, see our insurance partners.

Insurance partners

*Everyone's health is different and can't be predicted on an individual level. We base our statements on population-level total cost of care.

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