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View our list of insurance partners by state. We team up with these partners to deliver care in your area.

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The health plans that bring Cityblock’s care to you

Cityblock teams up with health insurance providers to serve thousands of members nationwide. 

When you join Cityblock, you still have all the benefits of your health plan and network. But you also get us as a team by your side, helping you reach your personal health goals and making sure no part of your care falls through the cracks.

Most of our services usually won’t require you to pay anything out of pocket. However, in the rare case where you have a copay, please reach out to us. Our financial assistance program may help cover your fees if you’re eligible—making our services available at no cost to you.

Cityblock partners

View our list of insurance partners by state below.




MDwise logo
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Tufts Health Unify


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New York


Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (DNSP)

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Commercial, Medicaid, HARP

EmblemHealth logo
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Fidelis Care®


Fidelis Care logo
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Senior Whole Health of New York

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (DSNP)

Senior Whole Health of New York logo
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North Carolina

Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of North Carolina (Healthy Blue)

Medicaid, Medicare, Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (DSNP)

Healthy Blue logo
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Molina® Healthcare

Medicare-Medicaid, Medicaid

Molina Healthcare logo
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We’re here to help

Ready to get started with Cityblock? Have questions about insurance? Our team can walk you through it. Call us at 833 – 904 – 2273 (TTY: 711), Monday – Friday, 8 am – 10 pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cityblock work with my insurance?

When you start your Cityblock services, you keep all the benefits of your health plan and network. But you also get a dedicated Cityblock care team to help you meet your health goals, both daily and long term. 

Cityblock takes on the total cost of care for our members. We’re a value-based provider, which means we're not paid per service, but for overall health of our patient population. Everyone's health is different and can't be predicted on an individual level. So we're basing our statements on population-level total cost of care.

My insurance isn’t on this list. Can I still join Cityblock?

We’re sorry. We can only provide Cityblock services through our partnerships with insurance plans. But we’re always working to add new partners–follow us on social media  to get the latest news about who we’re working with.

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My insurance and plan are on this list. Does that mean I’m a Cityblock member?

If your insurance works with us through the plan you have, you may already be a Cityblock member. Check your eligibility here.

If you’re a member, congrats! To get the majority of services  we provide, you’ll need to consent to care and do a clinical intake. If you’re not consented to Cityblock services  yet, or if you’re not sure, give us a call.

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My insurance is on this list, but it shows a different plan than the one I have. Can I still join Cityblock?

At this time, Cityblock services are only provided through our partnerships with the health plans listed above. But we're always working to expand our partnerships. Follow us on social media to get the latest news about who we’re working with..

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What can Cityblock help with?

We offer care for all the things that can affect your health. That means medical, mental, and social services. We also offer support for things that matter to you: getting answers quickly from your doctors, help finding childcare, a care team that can come directly to your home, and more.

This sounds too good to be true. Can Cityblock really do all this for me?

Everyone’s life circumstances are unique, so no two Cityblock care plans are exactly the same. But for some examples of how we’ve served real people, read some of our members’ stories.

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We’re here to help

Whether it’s to learn more about our services, ask questions about your membership, or to schedule a visit, call us—we’d love to hear from you.

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