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Be seen.
Be heard.
Be healthy.

Compassionate care that’s built around you—because your time, feelings, and story matter.

Because everyone deserves great health care

Dr. Toyin Ajayi, our CEO and co-founder, has spent her whole career serving Medicaid patients. Here, she explains what we do, why we do what we do, and what compassionate care is all about.

Breaking the cycle

I saw firsthand the impact of a system where speed is rewarded, and patients are stereotyped. We started Cityblock because no one should have to feel ignored, rushed, or neglected. This is what we call compassionate care—seeing each member as a person, and recognizing that your time, stories and feelings matter.

Together, with your insurance

We’ve partnered with your insurance company, so our services are at no out-of-pocket cost* to you. This means our services are already part of your coverage, so you won’t get a bill from us—ever.

*Most of our services under Medicaid Managed Care don't have a copay. If there are any fees, we have a financial assistance program for eligible members.

We know everything affects your health

We’re here to provide medical and mental health services, as well as other things that might impact your health—be it access to safe housing, food security, help with addiction, or even childcare support.

We’re a just a phone call away

Your goals are our goals. We are your partners to better health. Together, we will create a care plan that addresses all your needs, and one that makes sense to you.

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Because your stories matter

"I feel seen..."

“I would certainly recommend you guys to anybody because Cityblock has changed my life. I get to make my own choices, including my treatment plans, which is good. I feel stronger, more independent. I don't feel scared, I feel safe, and I feel like I'm worth something. I'm just so grateful, just so grateful.”

– Jackie, MA

"I feel safe..."

“You guys care about your patients, of course. I appreciate the professionalism. You care about me. You follow up. I feel safe—I feel safe that there's somebody out there looking out for me.” 

– Andy, CT

"I feel heard..."

“Well, I already told and shared about Cityblock to many of my friends and family. You guys take the time, and let me decide for myself. You always call me back. I just want to let you know how wonderful my experience was.”

 – Maria, NY

We see you, we hear you

You get a dedicated care team 
A team of doctors, nurses, mental health advocates, and social workers is built around your specific needs. They will do whatever it takes to get you the care you deserve. This includes finding specialists, getting quick answers from doctors, or help with addiction treatment.

Urgent care right at your doorstep
Stay home, avoid long wait times at the ER, and call us first. As a member, you have access to care for hospital-quality concerns in the comfort of your home.*

*Please call 911 for life-threatening emergencies. If you’re not sure, call us first and we’ll help decide what you need.

Support beyond medical care
Count on us for the things in your life that affect your well-being, such as childcare support, setting up checkups and appointments—even getting groceries and finding a place to live.

Your health insurance stays the same
Your benefits and doctors won’t change. In fact, as a Cityblock member, you’ll get the most out of your coverage at no out-of-pocket cost* to you.

*Most of our services under Medicaid Managed Care don't have a copay. If there are any fees, we have a financial assistance program for eligible members.

Meet some of our team members

We have hundreds of team members across our markets and here are a few of the many.

Tyroone Kamara

Community Health Partner

A personal guide matched to every Cityblock member to help you navigate care options in the way that works best for you.

Tonya Carter

Nurse Practitioner

Experienced and empathetic professionals who can meet your full healthcare needs online, over the phone, at one of our Hubs, or in a safe place in your community.

Dr. Emily Hurwitz

Medical Director, Virtual Care

Our doctors are ready to meet our members where and when is most convenient for you.

Mohanne Charles

Behavioral Therapist

Health is about your whole self—mind, and body. Our behavioral therapists offer a full range of mental health support to members.

Meredith Welch

Product Engineer

Our engineers build the technology that allows our care teams to meet members where they are—at home, on your phone, or in a safe place in your community.

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