We partner to make communities healthy.

We partner to make communities healthy.

Community-Based Organizations

You’re serving the community. We want to serve alongside you.

Collaborate with us

In every neighborhood, we join with local agencies to create streamlined referral workflows, structured case conferences, and easy communication with members and care providers. We aim to act as one collective care team to positively impact the individuals we mutually serve, and the community as a whole.

Share our space

We have space in our Neighborhood Hubs for you to deliver services that are fully integrated with care delivery.

Our tools are your tools

We're building world-class technology to provide you with efficient referrals, share data, and and to help you communicate with us and other collaborators.

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Community-Based Organizations

Health Insurers

You take on financial risk for ensuring member health. We can partner for better returns and higher quality care.

Offset your risk

We provide care to your highest cost and highest need members through integrated medical, behavioral, and community health services that are mobile and tech-enabled.

Build relationships

We connect with your disengaged members, and we increase membership through participation in on-site services.

Engage in a true partnership

We leverage your data to develop predictive models and improve care, while also reducing total cost of care.

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Health Insurers

Health Providers

You are your patients’ lifeline. We want to help you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the work you’re passionate about.

Integrate your model

We offer wrap-around services for your patients with complex health and social needs to ensure that their care is coordinated, personalized, and fully integrated.

Focus on patients

We work with you to re-think your practice by identifying pain points, providing world-class technology that drives efficiency and communication, and opening up more space for you to focus on patients.

Improve results with value-based care

Through personalized care, we improve engagement, decrease acute care utilization, and lower overall costs for your population.

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Health Providers

Urban Innovators

Your ideas are the future of your community.
We can help you bring them to life.

Share your views

We invite all residents from the neighborhoods we serve to help us to understand where there are needs and gaps, and to internalize the overall hopes and goals of the community.

Help us drive change

We know every community has energetic and forward-looking clinicians, social workers, organizers, and more. We’d love to sit down and learn about the innovative work you’re doing. We are eager to strategize and co-design with you to ensure that we offer the right care in every neighborhood we enter. We’re always seeking to join existing local meetings and consortiums, and to run local co-design workgroups and advisory panels. Get in touch to be connected.

Come build with us

We would love to hear from you if you’re passionate about how technology can help shape health and communities. Your insight is what we’re looking for to inspire the digital products we’re building.

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Urban Innovators