2023 Equity in Action Report

Cityblock's first Equity in Action Report spotlights what we’ve learned and achieved over the past five years of building for Medicaid and dual-eligible beneficiaries.

Cityblock by the Numbers

89% of our members are Medicaid or dual-eligible beneficiaries

62% of our members have an identified acute social need

85% of our members have 2+ chronic conditions

79% of our members are persons of color (POC)

63% of individual contributors at Cityblock are POC

75% of individual contributors at Cityblock are female

Our Mission

Our mission at Cityblock was born out of a fundamental belief that we can and must do better. Individuals and communities that suffer the most from the confluence of political, social, and institutional barriers to health deserve to be at the center of innovation designed to improve outcomes.

Our Care Model

Cityblock provides primary care, behavioral care, and social services that seeks to be as unique as the individuals in the communities we serve. Cityblock’s team-based approach to care surrounds members with the support and resources they need to meet their goals and live healthier lives. And Cityblock’s value-based care model means we share in the successes of our members; it is our goal to help them lead healthier lives.

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2023 Equity in Action Report

Download the full Cityblock 2023 Equity in Action Report

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