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We’ve come together to bring you a different type of care

Cityblock has partnered with EmblemHealth to improve community health in New York.

If your EmblemHealth plan includes Cityblock membership, we're here to support you with a personalized system designed for your health and daily life needs.

Are you an EmblemHealth member in New York?

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How much will this cost me?

All Cityblock services come at no additional cost to you as part of your existing EmblemHealth insurance plan. Beyond getting access to Cityblock, nothing else will change about your current plan or benefits.

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Will I need to see a new doctor?

Our care teams are happy to work with your existing physician, or we can assign you one based on your specific needs.

Getting started and getting care:

  • If Cityblock has been added to your EmblemHealth plan, you will be contacted by mail, and also receive a call from an outreach specialist to welcome you and start the onboarding process.
  • Based on your unique needs, you will be matched with a Community Health Partner. They will be your ongoing point person, and will help coordinate your care. You can schedule your initial meeting at your home, at our Crown Heights Hub, or anywhere else in the neighborhood that's convenient for you.
  • Once you and your Community Health Partner have met, your personalized care team will expand to include a primary care physician, a nurse, a social worker, and sometimes other specialists chosen to help you achieve your health goals. You and your team members can meet wherever is easiest for you, and you can also stay in touch and ask questions on our app.
Getting started and getting care:
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The Crown Heights Hub:

Located at 546 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY, our Crown Heights Hub isn't just a clinic. It's a place for you to attend classes, connect with other members of your community, and receive a wide range of local services. So drop by often! You're who we're here for.

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Crown Heights Hub Hours

Monday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Visiting us

We're about a block from the 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains. If you need transportation assistance, let us know. We can arrange a pickup/dropoff.

Getting in touch

For appointments, information, or to reach any member of your care team, call us at (347) 773-1100 or (on TTY) 711. After work hours, you can leave a message or, for health questions, connect with a 24-hour on-call clinician.


In addition to clinical care, we offer free job counseling (including mock interviews); help navigating housing concerns; nutrition advice; support groups and family counseling; and financial planning assistance. We also have a full calendar of classes on a range of topics, from fitness and meditation to healthy eating and family care.

“Better health is possible when you have the right advocates to support and guide you.”

Tina L.

Senior Nurse Practitioner

“Better health is possible when you have the right advocates to support and guide you.”

Tina L.

Senior Nurse Practitioner

Reaching goals, together:

Cityblock offers many health services that you might have received in the past, including primary care, preventive care, mental health, and rehabilitation. What's different is that we pay special attention to your story and your goals, and work to build a trusting relationship that can support and champion you for the long-term.

Stay Connected

Text or call your Cityblock care team at any time for any reason; we're here to listen and help—whatever you're going through. And thanks to Commons, our digital platform, your whole care team will be up to speed on all of the latest updates in your health and progress you're making toward your goals.

Your Member Action Plan (MAP)

Your MAP is a plan that you and your care team create around your current and future health goals. It outlines concrete action items, support partners, and implementation tools to help you get where you want to go, one step at a time.

Your 360° Health

Health is about everything that makes up your day-to-day life, from your job and your relationships to how much exercise, nutritious food, and downtime you can get. That's why our care is designed to extend to meet you where you are. Don't hesitate to take advantage of your membership and reach out to us whenever and wherever you need us—whatever you need us for.

Reaching goals, together:

EmblemHealth Participating Providers

Cityblock coordinates with primary care physicians and specialists in the community to extend healthcare beyond hospitals and doctors' offices. Our care teams deliver high-touch care as-needed, where-needed, and when-needed.

For more information about how Cityblock collaborates with other physicians, please call us at (347) 773-1100.

EmblemHealth Participating Providers